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With experience: a gentleman wearing a watch 7 Notes

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Although the watch men and women can wear jewelry, but for a successful man, the watch is the most important jewelry. In many countries, watches and pens, lighters, once known as adult men of the "three treasures", is every man even for a moment away from the body thing. But style, shape all kinds, and how to work with their own temperament, clothing perfect match, let us together to share dress watch match.

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  1, choose black or dark brown crocodile leather strap, snakeskin this material more suitable for young people like punk.

2, compared to those dazzling complicated watches, simple black and white disk of people watch even more simple and neat, like the nations, He Bolin men's watches are very good choice.

3, heavy case in dress collocation is not practical, worn on the wrist watch, the thinner the better.

4, law-abiding, round case is the safest models, will seem sensible but modest; tonneau-shaped or square round also, less rigid, giving the impression it is easy to accept new things; rectangular required to wear cautious, give people a strong sense of style.

5, steel and titanium models more grace. Gold watch is not bad, it does have a store of value function. But people feel dizzy golden watch, is inevitably have ostentatious. In contrast, steel and titanium models will become more gracious, if there is too much like gold, rose gold bars on the election.

6, three-pin and small three-pin. Tailoring decent dress outfits are ready with matching watches also require simple and neat, three-pin and small three-pin is of good choice.

7, with a helium valve and bezel scale. Basic water and dates functional enough for everyday use, one with a helium valve and striking scale heavy bezel watches, more suitable for casual wear. First you should know that bit business people, and then the non-professional athlete.

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Why do all the surface of the watch ad time is ten ten

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Why do all the surface of thead time is ten ten, take a look inside the mystery!

The reason is said to refer to watch at this time, and is the result of many Western psychologists come up. There are many good reasons for this, so the world will watch ads, regardless of geographical race, all the time means ten ten or so. So, watch advertising as pointed out, ten ten is the best moment of a day is the best spot. Regardless of the time refers to how much a certain hour and minute hands in a V-shape. It is a V-shaped, in the West is a symbol of victory; two it also rose, with aesthetic form, people feel enlightened. You can enjoy the next following only Aibo (EPOS) watch, if he shows the time is 9:30, 12:50 What kind of feeling?

I think, probably very few people in the world ten ten gambling, murder, immorality, indulgence, then, it is not just the best of times and the most kind, the most quiet moments. However, there is a more important factor in substance, but was ignored psychologist pull is ten ten in the day in the end symbolizes what? Ten ten is the decision-making time, many companies charge at this time in the open meeting, many decisions were decided at this moment, it is because everyone at this time the most sober reason. Found that most of the watches are referring to in a close time: ten ten is the most common, there are 10:08:45, there 10:10:30's. Three of its shape like a bird wings, giving a sense of struggling, again is ten ten also represents perfect.

I sometimes pass by watch shop, always pay attention to store hanging clocks of the time, to see if all of the clocks are pointing to ten ten, they feel this is the beauty and attention to quality and style of the shop; Conversely, if the time to see a wall pointing in different directions are a mess, it will greatly lamented, why not choose the best time to do so? clocks so, life is no different, if we often put a day or a lifetime peak time set at ten ten and regular as up, work hard, clear, awakening, kindness, quiet, full of vitality and energy, what difficulties do you succeed?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Watch maintenance of different materials, how to care for the watch in summer?

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Mechanical watches movement in the humid air or corrosive gases, erosion corrosion phenomenon occurs, if the long-term erosion by sweat or dirt build-up without letting wipe acid salt, rust watch will slowly emerge, especially cover low areas prone. Especially in the rainy summer most likely caused by parts rust damage.

Maintenance of focus:

1, silica gel dryer. According to the size and needs repair units shall be equipped with one or several dryer, to keep a mechanical watch movement, movement parts to avoid rust after damp.

2, fast to rust liquid, specific formula is as follows: triethanolamine 75 ml, 25 ml of water, distilled water (H, 0) the mechanical watch movement parts into which you can quickly rust. Soak time depends on the specific extent of the rusted parts.

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 Jewelry Watch

Jewelry watch is not only a timing tool, it is beautiful jewelry, so it need more attentive care, only to keep you shine like new.

In the summer time because clothing less easy to crash, it is likely to cause loose gemstones or even fall off.

Maintenance of focus:

1 jewelry watches afraid impact, summer sports should be kept off the table.

2 gems to avoid friction with hard objects, corrosion, wear perfume or doing menial jobs when the table should be removed to avoid corrosion or wear gems.

3 each time you need to check before wearing loose gems, if necessary, immediately rushed to the watch shop repairs.

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  High hardness material

Tungsten carbide, high-tech ceramics, sapphire glass and other materials are characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, this material watch worn appearance after a long period can still maintain a clean as new. But the summer is often outdoor sports, such as accidentally collision will occur scratch the surface appearance of the phenomenon.

Maintenance of focus:

A summer in playing other sports, it should remove the watch. These high-hardness material as flexural strength and impact toughness of steel. So you should avoid hammering, impact or fall on the hard ground.

2 usually available toothbrush dipped in a little salad lightly watches, will remove stains.

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 Plating / K gold material

K gold plating and chemical stability, wear resistance, but the white K gold, rose gold after prolonged wear, especially in the summer sweating slight discoloration is likely to occur, it is because there is a small amount of human sweat chloride compounds, lactic acid, urea, ammonia, etc., these substances after contact with K gold chemical reactions may occur, resulting in dark trace chemical salts.

Maintenance of focus:

1.K gold material is mainly to avoid corrosion of the summer sweat, the best on a regular basis should gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove perspiration and dust.

2 available after scrubbing or cleaning the table dry hair dryers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The most comprehensive knowledge of watches

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A mechanical watch Precautions 1 large magnetic field of the environment, can cause oil silk adhesions, resulting in fast or slow travel time, once the watch sector will suddenly go very fast, even faster than 1-22 / day. So usually wear mechanical pay attention away from magnetic fields.How to prevent mechanical watches on magnetic phenomena?

    (1) Do not put in the mechanical watch TV, speakers and so easy to produce a magnetic field on the object.
    (2) the work of the hair dryer, welding and repair of transformers, high-voltage electric cables, easy to produce a strong magnetic field, in the above work, remove the wear of the mechanical watch.
    (3) Do not use mechanical watches to cell phones, electronic watches, batteries, headsets, etc. together.
    (4) If the mechanical watch has been due to contact with the magnetic field, will affect the accuracy of travel time, then should be looking for mechanical maintenance technicians demagnetization process.
    (2) The method of energy reserves is incorrect, insufficient energy reserves mechanical watches, mechanical watches will make walking not allowed.Automatic mechanical watch, the clockwise rotation of the oscillating weight to work state, i.e. the amount of reserve energy is added; counterclockwise rotation of the oscillating weight inoperative state, is empty rotational state, then although the article, but in fact the energy no increase in reserves and vibration is relatively obvious.
   (A) the type of mechanical watch: You can manually winding mechanical watch hand-winding or automatic dual mechanical watch bracelet every day full of energy sufficient to walk 32 hours.
   (2) mechanical watches type: automatic mechanical watch hand-winding or automatic dual-use mechanical watches
     ① hand wearing a watch each day more than 6 hours continuous swing, the energy can be enough to walk 32 hours;
     ② automatic hammer each day rotating ring 7200, the equivalent of wearing a watch hand swing six hours continuously;
     ③ every day to buy a new or no daily wear automatic mechanical watch, in the first six days wear must be rotated every 15,000 laps allow automatic hammer continuously increase the amount of energy reserves, Mi complement the hand wearing a watch swinging inadequate.Why not take the time to adjust to the mechanical watch without error?
    Mechanical watch accuracy of travel time depends mainly on the balance hairspring resulting frequency stability to be guaranteed. Because the printer by using the process of internal and external many factors, resulting in balance hairspring harmonic vibration, the error is generated when the watch away, carefully adjusted so that the error can only be relatively reduced, but not completely ruled out, so go watch the table when they meet accuracy of travel time index, is qualified table.
   3. The factory production of mechanical watches, travel time accurate to the domestic like product before the spear, day difference ≤ ± 60 S / d, Europe and around the world who get mechanical watch wearer blitz.
    Second, the operating performance
   1. Manual mechanical watch on the article, "Put the" first gear when the normal quiescent state, if the case would "put the" clockwise rotation, ie the energy winding watch. Mainspring is full (that is, "to the" Under the normal torque on the article, can no longer be rotated clockwise), can not be forced to further vigorously spin "put in", otherwise it will lead to energy spring break or damage the other watches parts and cause the watch to stop walking.
   2. Automatic mechanical watches on the article, the automatic watch is a watch worn by normal arm swing while autocomplete energy storage, so wear a watch arm, every day normal swing more than six hours before they can complete watch winding energy storage, leaving the watch can Normal operation 32 hours or more.
   3. Newly purchased watch or often of not wearing a watch, should be preceded by wearing the watch in the direction perpendicular to swing around for about 30 seconds; function with manual winding watch can refer to the above section <two, one> of operation, hand Shun clockwise "to the" about five laps to run the watch to provide certain energy.
    4. Adjustment time
    (A) ordinary mechanical watch (with automatic) watch: When the "put the" out to adjust the time when the second file function, then you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise direction "to the" to adjust the time, suggested in a clockwise reorientation time of trade, when the time to adjust to the correct position, set "to the" Reset to first gear to avoid dust into water.
    (2) add a second time zone (there are two time) function adjustment: Assume the center, the minute hand indicates the time zone for the first time, in addition to indicate the time for the second time zone. "Put the" pull to the second stall, spin "put in" the first time in the center, the minute hand for counterclockwise rotation, then the second time zone also will be counter-clockwise, when the first two o'clock zone clockwise to counterclockwise rotation is stopped, continue to rotate counterclockwise first time in the center, the minute hand, go to your own need to set the second time zone difference, and then turn it clockwise to the first time zone the correct time, and then the "put" Reset to first gear to avoid dust into the water, bringing the second time zone set.
    (3) Calendar / Week calendar function
      ① slow jumping calendar / weekly calendar: "It's" out to third gear, so that the center, the minute hand rotates clockwise. Generally set to 24 pm at night slow jumping calendar, weekly calendar at 5:00 the next day before jumping calendar, the calendar slow jump when the time difference is night 24 ± 15 minutes and set to the correct time and date / weekly calendar will be "put in" reset to the first gear to avoid dust into water.
         ② Gallops Calendar / Week calendar: "It's' out to second gear, clockwise / counterclockwise rotation aspects" of the "fast jumping calendar / week calendar to the correct date and week, Gallops completed the same The "put" Reset to first gear.Note: In the evening 21:00 to 5:00 the next day can not be done quickly jump between calendar / cycle operation.
     Third, magnetic:
     (1) Do not put in the mechanical watch TV, speakers and so easy to produce a magnetic field on the object.
     (2) the work of the hair dryer, welding and repair of transformers, high-voltage electric cables, easy to produce a strong magnetic field, in the above work, remove worn mechanical watches.
     (3) Do not use mechanical watches to cell phones, electronic watches, batteries, headsets together
     (4) If the mechanical watch has been due to contact with the magnetic field, will affect the accuracy of travel time, then should be looking for mechanical maintenance technicians demagnetization process.
     Four, watches waterproof
  1 how to distinguish waterproof and non-waterproof watch?
  The back of the table covered with waterproof watches identifies WATER RESIST, non-waterproof do not have this logo.
  2 waterproof watches can be divided into three categories, with waterproof everyday life, everyday life with enhanced waterproof and submersible waterproof
  3 non-use of non-waterproof watch waterproof watch, please avoid direct contact with water, is water drops to dry it as soon as possible; placing the text regardless of the board will cause stains or rust. When a large number of sweat or water, take off your watch.
  4 everyday life waterproof (WATER RESIST) can prevent sweat, rain or wash the water droplets. Although the blowout preventer to be water droplets, but NA bathing, swimming, diving and so on.
  5 daily use reinforced waterproof (WATER RESIST 5BAR, 10BAR, 20BAR) can be used for frequently used water work or sports (swimming, surfing, etc.), or snorkeling.
  6 Diving Waterproof (WATER) can be used for snorkeling or scuba diving. Different diving depth, it can be divided into air diving with waterproof, saturation diving with waterproof, more professional (600mm-1000mm) with waterproof function.
  7 waterproof watches Precautions
  Please avoid washing of the water column, the strength of strong running water, shower tent top high pressure direct impact watches.
   Watch attached to water status, do not operate the knob.
       Excessive soap or shampoo may accelerate the deterioration of the gasket, please pay special attention.
       Due to hot springs contain the metal discoloration, corrosion, deterioration of the gasket composition, bathing, take off the watch.
   Five, watches maintenance
   1 steel strap will appear rust or fade it?
      Many different types of stainless steel, the main ingredients of nickel and chromium, and nickel, chromium and other elements susceptible to acid and alkali erosion. Human sweat contains hydrochloric acid discharged ingredients, wearing the watch, if often in contact with sweat or dirt build-up without letting acid salt timely clean-up, strap, etc. will gradually appear rust, black will appear on the wrist stains. This is mainly due to the other elements of stainless steel and nickel contained in the human body sweat or vinegar, bleach, correction fluid, and other chemicals, chemicals, cosmetics and other substances caused by contact. General approach is to strap with a soft bristle toothbrush dipped in detergent scrub gently with a soft cloth.
    2 Why second round will be blocked, usually there are several reasons:
     (1) wheel up and down without gaps, tenon bent, round tablets with other parts rubs;
     (2) second round and second round prop drill drill fragmentation;
     (3) the center axis of the axle hole of a foreign body;
     (4) second round tray too long or too big rub second axle;
     (5) second wheel and escapement wheel axle longitudinal axis of engagement or at second place with three engaging a foreign body blocking, or teeth, shaft flap bending deformation;
     (6) with the center wheel axle hole on the upper and lower jaws second axle misalignment, or the second eccentric shaft tube device model, etc. due to oblique bending.
    3 Why do not go up when the surface down, unable to take the sound?
   May be shellac and rubs the center wheel fork plywood sheet caused or may be rubbing fork fork piece plywood or chip adhesions shellac with fork fork splint phase rub.
    4 Watch the use and maintenance
     Life waterproof watch is limited to general grooming and other daily rain water. Avoid watch in hot water bath, sauna or temperature changes very environment. In addition to 200 m diving watch, but please do not wear a watch swimming other water level. Case, strap and head often need to clean and keep clean. You can use warm water, then wipe dry. (NA leather and other products)
    5 mechanical watches maintenance tips
 (A) at a fixed time every day is best to wind, one on the foot. Turn the crown to wind speed should be appropriate and not too tightly. Too tight, clockwork spring box oil is easy to stick. When spring time to relax, because it is easy to stretch too large to be broken.
 (2) watch very sensitive to violently shake, play or hand hit something, it is best to take it down, watches are also afraid of the water immersion. Therefore, the laundry, wash your hands or do the work of other contact with water, it is best to take the watch down. Watch glass table if a mist or water points, should be timely maintenance, wipe the fog water point, the movement drying. However, only some of the fog, to be dry climate, it will slowly dry out naturally.
     6 quartz watch chronograph for any reason?
     First look at the crown is pulled out, the second hand is hit table mirror, mirror on the table there will be a circle marks, three needle in contact with the needle when the needle overlaps, see whether passed, and finally the expertise to check the battery is exhausted.
     7 scratches sapphire crystal mirror will do?
     Sapphire crystal on a watch made of sapphire is not natural, but by fine alumina powder as raw material, at a certain temperature in Celsius sapphire crystal furnace to form blocks, and then after numerous processes before they are made extremely pure watch sapphire crystal with anti-wear and anti-corrosion effect. Sapphire crystal hardness only to diamond, equivalent to seven times that of steel, but it does not mean that it will not be scratched, sapphire crystal is easy to wear, rather than never worn. Special attention should be diamonds, grindstones, sandpaper, nail file, granite surfaces, concrete walls, etc., so as not to scratch the surface.
     8 insufficient activity should not wear automatic mechanical watch
     Resulting in automatic mechanical watches not allowed to go the main reasons include the following:
      Lack of user activity, resulting in automatic watch winders discontent, leading to the watch go slow or stop and go. Elderly and sedentary office, sports were less suitable to wear such a watch. Watch close to magnetic fields, such as televisions, cell phones, etc., cause the watch not allowed to go. Wearer's body with a strong magnetic field in itself, affect the travel time watch.
     9 Some automatic watches why keep the hands of institutions?There are two main effects:
  (1) If the automatic watch wearers day living small amount, especially when some women, can quickly use all his body to a wound, the watch does not occur due to lack of power and shut down.
  (2) When the automatic mechanism fails influence on the article, you can use the manual on the article, in order to continue to use the watch.
  10 automatic mechanical watch stops reasons the following aspects.
  (A) mechanical watch requires one day wearing ten hours, mechanical power reserve is generally three to four hours, your watch has stopped, presumably due to insufficient power.
  (2) automatic mechanical watch is to rely on the kinetic energy will go with the hand movement will go, if a few days without to stop.
   11 Why mechanical watches alone arm swing can provide energy? How does it work? Why walk when less precise Swiss watch it?
     Automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches in general, based on some automatic mechanism unit increased by wearing a watch people in their daily lives the role of arm movement automatically rewound. If the dial is printed on "AUTOMATIC" word for the automatic mechanical watches. (If lack of exercise, all the recommendations made at the office wearing quartz watches)
   12 automatic winding mechanical watch can do?
    Automatic winding mechanical watch can, but do not often manually-wound, so harmful for head waterproof gasket will affect the watch waterproof function. And rotate the handle first use the first 20-30 times, so that the initial wound spring. Once monthly winding, automatic movement watch should be gently rocking back and forth several minutes or worn on the wrist for some time so that it automatically on a wound. So that part will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the operation of the printer properties.
   The watch worn on the wrist to sleep, if the watch is luminous watch, it will adversely affect the body. This is because the luminous watch dial indicators and luminous coating materials, it is mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium rays can stimulate the release of zinc sulfide crystals glow, sleeping, if wearing a watch, the body will be eight nine hours of radium radiation on the human body has certain hazards. Therefore, before going to sleep, it is best to take down the luminous watch and put on the table.

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Watches FAQ:How should we do when the watch has a problem

There is often asked, "how do watch dial color? Watches flooded how to do? Spent grinding table mirror watch how to do? Watches not allowed to go how to do? Watch with rusty how to do?" Column problem. today for everyone to answer it.First, the watch dial discolored how do?

   Watch dial relatively common problem of discoloration, the dial color is also called "pan-color", especially in the older watch them more, there are many types of color, a bit like the color, have a sheet-like color.
 The watch dial occurred 30 years ago, the situation seems to be more color, and then it is probably about the production process, the dial base is brass, then plated with gold or silver on the surface and, finally, spray varnish. There may be some residual acidic solvent, the most likely to cause future clockface color.
 In addition to manufacturing reasons, there is also the use of external causes or induced watch dial color.
 1 watch water or long-term moisture, watch case Mifengbuyan, outside water vapor moisture got into the watch, the dial is also very likely to cause discoloration, or dial varnish peeling off, which is characterized by occurrence in the dial edge more.
 (2) long-term collection do not watch, if there tomorrow night pointer, then it depends on tomorrow night choice of material nature, and generally for vintage watches should be extra careful dial discolored parts often happens in the watch, the minute hand of the night out corresponding position.
 3 watches have long been placed or exposed to sunlight, the sun's rays will make everything all kinds of things are slowly change color, fine stuff, too, who can not escape,
 4 Watch exposure to the radiation or radioactive substances, radiation in the medical treatment and certain industrial production will be applied, the most powerful, it can in a very short period of time, so that some things color.
 Tips: spots on the dial and the Pan-color should not use cloth wipe, can not wipe the hard tick hard, otherwise it would affect the appearance of copper disk pan. Dial on the back of the grease used cloth dipped in some gasoline wipe. Clean the dial should be placed on the dial face, avoid mixing with other components, and then cover with a dust cover to protect it.Second, not allowed to go watch how to do?

    1 According to the accuracy of travel time watch watch movement types differ:
 1) mechanical watch movement according to the model and manufacturing quality vary, generally to the list of errors within 30 seconds a day are within the normal range. Some high precision movement, such as the Observatory series can reach 10 seconds or so.
 2) Generally higher precision quartz watch, Swiss standard error of the month in 15 seconds. Some more precise movement of the error can be achieved within a few seconds.
 (2) Common watches travel time error, not allowed to go watch the top five reasons:
 1) Power reserve deficiency: You need to first check the adequacy of power, self-winding mechanical watch if a small amount of exercise can also cause lack of power reserve, manual winding by way of supplementary power, and then observe the continued pace of phenomenon.
 2) lack of electricity: If quartz watch suddenly found go slow, probably due to lack of battery power, you can set the watch to the authorized service point detection power.
 3) had been beaten or hit: watch very closely, have been hit or beaten if may cause damage to internal parts loosening travel time may also cause problems.
 4) needs maintenance: the movement in oil or internal parts can cause wear and tear of aging issues travel time, the need for maintenance, repairs needed to the designated point for maintenance services.
 5) In addition to these common circumstances, some of the environmental temperature, the magnetic watch: If the watch is magnetized gossamer, watches, travel time is also not accurate. Wearer's habits of impact may cause an increase in travel time error. However, you have no need to worry, please send the watch to the designated repair point, please check and adjust the professionals will be able to watch returns to normal error range.Three. Watches there are water vapor, mist how to do?Watch glass bear mist, there are several conditions: (1) watch water, and (2) watch the air humidity is relatively large, (3) watches with outside temperature difference is relatively large.
 In the northern winter, especially wet environment, watches are more prone to this phenomenon. Watch glass bear water mist does not necessarily mean that this depends on the degree, usually divided into several cases, if the watch glass fogging, but in the central part of a small, temporary one would then immediately disappear, this case does not matter, because the air relative humidity are all, also inside the watch, fogging is one of the most common physical phenomena. The reason why the watch glass fogging because fogging glass and external sides of a relatively large temperature difference, the air inside the case of the movement of water molecules to the glass surface, the water molecules will condense to form tiny particles.
 Watch the water, there are also a matter of degree, if only a very small amount of water into or enter a more humid air, when faced with a relatively large difference in temperature environment, the watch glass will bear mist. If the fog condenses into visible water droplets or relatively large area has been covered with glass, when the entire table, it can be concluded that the watch was flooded. In particular watch had prior exposure to water, such as washing hands with a watch or have been exposed to rain, then it happens watch glass fogging phenomenon, this description of the watch must have been flooded.
 Watch glass fogging occurs, it can not completely rely on direct heat baking to solve, to watch the fog will disappear temporarily after heating, in fact, water vapor does not escape outside the case, it will go relatively cool temperature location to go , for example, inside the back cover, or movement within the table. To watch glass fogging final solution of the problem need to open the back cover of the watch, on the movement and case do a thorough drying job; then replace the waterproof gasket or to re-apply silicone gasket.
 If you want to try to solve their own watches fogging phenomenon, your watch can be completely withdrawn in the case of the 9 o'clock position, the watch is heated to about 50 degrees (available incandescent grilled), 2 hours, then after the watch continues to the table to the state completely pulled out, using silica gel (or calcium chloride) desiccant such as parcels, in the box for 24 hours. But only for mild fogging watch the fog has come to be seen if the junction is formed when water droplets form, immediately rushed to the table shop to do the repair.

    Good seal watch, water is not easy, but once into the point of water, and gave the same is not easy to get it out. In doing watches waterproof experiment time, that there is something called "condensation experiment", the industry standard QB / T 1897-1993  watches waterproof watch, the relevant reads as follows: "the watch in a temperature of 40 to 50 the degree of the hot plate until the temperature of the watch at the same temperature and the heating plate, the heating time when the watch type, generally heated for 10 to 20 minutes and then a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees to the table glass, water drops, about After 1 minute, wipe with a cloth sheet glass, sheet glass fogging may occur if the case is under saturated humidity assembly, condensation experimental results may produce a mist, this case is not sealed is not due to fog caused, if this phenomenon should be dried and then re-watch for condensation experiment. "Four quartz watch does not work how to do?

   Watches, otherwise known as the watch is worn on the wrist, for the time / display time of the instrument. Watches usually use leather, like rubber, nylon fabric, stainless steel and other materials, made strap, will display the time of the "header" beams on the wrist. Watch main types: quartz watch, mechanical watches, electronic watches and so on.

    Quartz watch does not work because:

    A quartz watch no output signal, other aspects checks are normal, with a multimeter to check the circuit board without input Seng Credit One, most of the reason is that crystal oscillator is damaged or IC failure caused by the replacement of quartz oscillator is invalid, you need to replace the entire circuit board.

    2 wheel system failures, mostly between the teeth dust, foreign body, so that each wheel train stuck between teeth. There are also some tables are significantly too much or little oil, too much oil film between the wheel, the wheel adhesion between the film and plywood. Fuel rotating wheel system is too small to make too much resistance, these will not go electronic watches good. Stepper motor and gear train encounter these failures should be cleaned to remove foreign material, re-fueling job.

    3 coil circuit, due to oxidation or man-made causes, so that the coil is damaged, you can check it out through the multimeter test, generally need to replace.

    4 quartz watch battery without electricity or insufficient capacity, need to be replaced. Analog quartz electronic watches, but often find that the battery in the short term without electricity, which generally are due to high power consumption is not high quality or cause the battery itself. Encountered such a situation, you should first find out the reason, troubleshooting, and then replace new battery.

    5 bad contact, mostly on the positive and negative contact spring dirt poor contact with the battery. Circuit board signal output point and exit point of contact with the coil head poor contact will occur. These will cause the circuit is not conducting, the quartz electronic watches do not go or go bad, found that due to poor contact caused by the circuit fails, first contact surface adequately cleaned and then re-assembled.

    6 stepper motor can not rotate, the rotor of the stepper motor is a permanent magnet, often due to adsorption and stator iron stuck and can not rotate, causing the quartz watch pointer stop and go or stop-go.

Five, watches flooded how do?

    Generally not waterproof watch diving watch, although it took a sealing measures, to prevent the intrusion of sweat and harmful gases, but not absolutely no water. Meanwhile watch in the course there will be some inevitable phenomenon: Every day on the dial needle, handle head or handle head tube rubber band will gradually wear; watch glass affected by temperature and thermal expansion and contraction, will make it with the table shell frame with the Department voids; cover waterproof apron sweat affected by aging or corrosion occurs, these will cause the water table waterproof performance. Therefore, we can wear normal water table to go swimming, take a bath. Is the laundry, washing dishes, cooking should also be noted that not to splash water on the table or the water vapor into the table, otherwise it would be rusty water table parts, affecting the quality of travel time, or even lose value.Of course, some may ask why I bought another one ordinary watch but they can waterproof it? It's just a coincidence problem. As we all know, the use and operation frequency table varies, rubber band will not wear the same degree of response, not to mention there exist a number of objective factors, such as local weather, work environment, etc. will also affect the water cycle life.

    Tips: Due to various factors, even if the water table also should avoid swimming, bathing, sauna, etc., such as water or a mist after accidentally should be cleaned as soon as possible to the repair point, in order to avoid corrosion movement parts affect the travel time.Six, watches scratches how to do?

    Watch long band on the hand, is actually relatively easy to be scratched, and then people who care can not be avoided, some scratches are minor, but some are more important, especially designated to be sharp things, that there is no shallow scars watch long band on the hand, is actually relatively easy to be scratched, and then people who care can not be avoided, some scratches are minor, but some are more important, especially designated to be sharp things, that there is no shallow scars . Stainless steel case is also a little better, K gold will be more soft, once the surface of the watch case or band is scratched, the first is ugly, and when the beloved watches appear damaged and blemishes, and my heart certainly upset .

 1. As the case surface craft, there are basically two types: polished and pull the sand, or both, grinding scratches on the watch case, but also to do it according to the original process, a large area of ​​hair Road class wear, easier to carry; But if it's hard to scratch deeper, we should trouble, because whether it is polished or pull sand approach, are not enough to rub off like scratches.2. Case or take partial relatively deep scratches need to do first before repair is handled locally, see the location, such as the case of the shell side, there may even spend a small fine rasp, more oil stone , and then under a magnifying glass, carefully put deep scratches boring flat, deep scratches, we should focus first on the local oil stone grinding to do. This needs to be under a magnifying glass, the purpose is to scratch evenly polished, scratch basically be rubbed off when polished, select the appropriate granularity sandpaper, pull sand along the original lines to ground, usually the lines are radially to the center of the dial, so this is a carefully live to be a little bit, grinding out the effect will be good only realistic. Recommend sandpaper jewelry industry with the kind of choice, preferably imported, such as Germany Warriors brand water sandpaper.3. Hand tools also pay attention to the recommended surgical hemostat, just take a small piece of sandpaper, folded after use hemostatic clamp tight, parallel to the original lines do pull sand, sapphire glass is quite hard, you can not consider it, but watch is stainless steel shell, the operation must pay attention, can not draw rubs it, if necessary, it can be covered with tape. Technical aspects, that we must all pull sand lines must go all the time, and they are starting to dial center and radially.4. Watch case and strap above all scratches, in order to get rid of it or to be refurbished cosmetic appearance of the watch, you can use this method with reference to operation. Relatively easy to handle linear shape of the lines, if the lines are concentric circles, and that was kind of electric machinery should be used to do.5. Own use sandpaper to scratch the above case strap trim, not a difficult task, as long as it can make careful steady hand; But for surface polishing process, it must use a cloth wheel polishing machine, ordinary dry can not.

    6. For another pull sand there polishing process of the case and strap, trimming it should first pull sanded, then do the polishing, finishing just need to have a good pull sand to cover the upper part, a simple you can use tape, some of it to do regular metal template, the same used for polishing the cover.

   Note: If the watch needs to be done and polishing process, we recommend that you go to a professional watch repair center for repair and maintenance. You can go to our watch repair site maintenance.Seven, the watch strap rusty how to do?

    Under normal circumstances steel table and will not rust, but everything is relative. Many different types of stainless steel. Human sweat contains hydrochloric acid discharged ingredients table worn on the hand, if the long-term erosion by sweat or dirt build-up without any chemical salt wipe case will gradually appear rust, especially low back pockets prone.
So, usually should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch, always wipe the dust sediments on the case, sweat and so on. In addition, should be avoided in strong acid, alkali and other occasions wearing a watch operation, so it will not appear rusty steel case.
How to maintain the metal strap? If the metal strap stained with sweat while placing no matter, likely to cause rust strap, sweating, the strap may look clean, but still easy to rust seeping metal watchband, or even stained sleeves and so on. Dirty metal bracelet wash with soap. When the dirt is very serious, use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub. (Non-waterproof watch carefully to avoid wet form of the table) after cleaning, to avoid moisture remaining in the strap slit with a dry cloth to carefully wipe dry.
Maintenance, do not use polish remover, thinner or agents. And, strengthen waterproof watch with everyday life in the sea after use, do not use chemicals to clean water can be. The watch with clockwork, swapping some easy accumulation of dirt, so that the shaft getting tight, then clean the shaft portion.Watch factory each process should strictly avoid contact with the hand piece and the movement parts. It can not be avoided, every machined parts should be cleaned. The parts should be kept longer use effective corrosion protection.

    The following is the watch rust treatment methods: 1, silica gel dryers, store watch movement, movement parts to avoid rust after damp. 2, anti-rust paper packaging parts. 3,901 anti-rust oil.1. Silicone dryer, according to the size and needs repair units shall be equipped with one or several one thousand desiccator to hold watch movement, to avoid movement parts damp rust. Silicone Dry Communicator divided into large, medium and small three models. In a sealed glass container or in the pores with large pore silica gel composition a small amount of silica gel and a dryer. Because pore silica at 95% -100% relative humidity before or directly into a solution of a large number of absorption; the silica pores even at low relative humidity, has a higher absorption capacity. Such mixed-use storage requirements can be met. Apply a small amount in the dryer interface Vaseline, compress the seal. Open the lid should be minimal, in order to prolong the life of the silicone. Any color silicone red, drying should be recycled or renewals.
 2. Rust-proof paper packaging components, you can use the production of Paper Research Institute of Beijing No. 9 pleiotropic rust-proof paper, suitable for steel, copper parts and steel, copper movement parts grouped components. Rust-proof paper outside waxing (moisture) inside coated VCI agent.
 3.901 rust oil, 901 anti-rust oil produced by Nanjing second petrochemical plants. Use as follows: (a) the part is immersed in a 5% add this product wash oil, respectively, with thick brush wash, fine cleaning of all time (wash oil used industrial gasoline or kerosene lamps preparation. (2) seals in room temperature, dipping, brush dressing, spray deposition can be.

     4 Note: Use silicone drier, due at least start to open the lid, to extend the life of silicone.
Tips: If you can not determine whether the watch waterproof or waterproof extent to understand, we recommend that you go to a professional watch repair center clean appearance of the watch.Eight, waterproof watch is not waterproof how to do?

    Today's watches are waterproof, if the watch is not waterproof, and very easy to cause corrosion of internal movement mechanical watches, electronic quartz watch movement short circuit, causing the watch to malfunction. In addition to watches quality reasons, most of the watch is not waterproof due to wear over time, due to improper use.

    Waterproof watch routine maintenance is essential:(A) waterproof apron easy to aging deterioration, should be changed regularly, every repair or replacement.(2) damage to the surface of the glass must be promptly replaced.(3) Do not place a long time at high temperature Watches (ten 60 ℃) and low temperature (-10 ℃) environment.(4) chemical substances to prevent contact with the watch, otherwise it will affect the case and waterproof apron, reducing water resistance.(5) Watch stained water should always dry.(6) Do not watch in water or wet, the operator watches the crown to prevent water from entering the meter drive.Nine, wear watches allergy how to do?Watch wear produced allergic reactions, skin feels itchy, there are red marks, even from the red rash, do not panic, this and the person's own physique often than not, the quality of the watch itself. Current technology found that titanium-containing material, doing case can be considerable extent, reduce skin irritation.

    Skin itching, rash situation can be divided into the following three categories:

    1, metal, leather allergy: If I am confirmed allergy to a metal or leather, then the corresponding do not wear a watch.

    2, watch the rust, dirt, sweat allergy: If you do not clean the watch long, gently wipe with a wet towel on it.

    3, is too tight, airtight allergy: Loosen the strap, additional ventilation, air permeability.

    Tips: If time does not relieve skin irritation, seek medical attention.Ten, automatic mechanical watch does not work how to do?

    Mechanical automatic watch is the watch by turning the balance wheel on the spring, while the wheel is rotated by the rotation of the swing of the wrist. Therefore, the user must wear a watch every day, and a certain amount of activity of the wrist, the watch can provide enough power. Usually after full winding watch, you can take more than a day; if not the full winding, take off soon stopped.It is possible that wearing a watch arm activity is not enough. I suggest you try the off watch, manually rotate the head 20 times, to see whether it will stop. If you will stop, that is the question of the watch.

    Automatic mechanical watches worn continuously after 12 hours of travel time, the watch in the spring are generally tighten up the. Therefore, when it is removed from the wrist placed together in a quiescent state occurs, the printer should be able to maintain the ability to walk more than 12 hours. But this refers to normal wear conditions, if individual users basically inactive or active low, the tables placed together amounted to less than removing the above criteria. Therefore, encountered such a situation, remove the table when placing the table should swing a few; or with an ordinary watch, a few on hand winding, the automatic mechanical watches place, the same normal walking.
 One in ten p.m. until two o'clock when the transfer between the prohibition.2, be sure to watch after adjustment handle head pushed back in the end.3, in accordance with national standards, mechanical watches (including mechanical automatic watches travel time error should be controlled in 45 seconds or less.

    4, automatic mechanical watch requires the user to the normal every day wear and a proper amount of activity for it to continue on the bar, to keep momentum running. Small amount of activity of the wearer when walking may Pianman, this is a normal phenomenon. Turn the handle first use the first 20-30 times, so that the initial wound spring.

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The watch hours of needle poor coordination explain in detail

The watch minute hand coordination is poor, popular talk, that is allocated for the table, then the scale for the quasi-one hours time, the minute hand off "12" points offset level. The best situation is when the scale for the quasi-one hours time, the minute hand but also with "12" points coincide. However, this is often impossible.
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Watch hours of needle poor coordination explain in detail

Poor coordination around the needle causes the following:

1, the surface of the disc word has fitters difference (usually inlaid or printed)

2, dial the sub-grid scale character in print error

3, the dial and the movement of the center hole of the hour, minute, second hand shaft hole do not coincide (plate claws and radial clearance exists between the movement)

4, when the minute hand assembly mounting error

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About the watch, minute poor coordination, in the "mechanical watches" QB/T1249-2004 industry standard where this is required: At the time when the operator center coincides with the needle, the minute hand off 12:00 symbol centered perspective should be consistent with such requirements. 1, superior product --- 18 ~ 18 degrees (angle); 2, first-class products --- 24 to 24 degrees (angle); 3, Qualified --- 30 to 30 degrees (angle). Accounting up every 6 degrees a sub-grid, that is, up to around the needle poor coordination can not be more than five separate compartments. Around the needle assembly when mounting error is generated around the needle main reason for poor coordination. Hours, minutes, poor coordination of inspection methods in industry standard where this is required: the hour when the operator 3,6,9,12 respectively coincide with the center to check deviations 12:00 minute break point of the center shall meet the above requirements, this check belonging to the reliability of a used watch.

Watch hours of needle poor coordination

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Interestingly, the previously performed "normal mechanical watches" QB/T1249-1991 industry standards, the minute hand is so provides poor coordination: When the operator 12 coincides with the minute hand, the clock is deviated angular displacement operator should less than 3 degrees. Accounting up around the needle up poor coordination not more than six separate compartments, it is clear now than before the implementation of the provisions of the standard strict. It is said that the early years are still planned economy, the watch industry and business people in the discussion of this standard when the very unity of mutual advice, business people can not accept a 6-minute difference in the coordination of a large needle, finally, changed when the points for quasi 12:00, while the hour hand deviated angular displacement operator should be less than 3 degrees. Like actual inside and outside in nothing more than a small digital display point only.
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About midnight needle poor coordination problems arise, there is another reason, and that is the gear backlash problem in the clockwise and counterclockwise dial needle time, you can see the difference, there is always a point of orientation is relatively large in the other direction is relatively small dot. Imports wrist watch, ROLEX the minute hand is quite small poor coordination, including its calendar jump word error, gives a deep impression, the assembly and manufacture of precision and quality of a relationship. By the way, on the second hand on the bit, watches in the relevant standards are not defined. Because, from the watch and precision in terms of the structure, either quartz or mechanical watches, can not ensure its revolution of each position, the second hand is aligned with the scale.

What good adventure watch? What expedition wearing the watch? Explorer watch equipment

What is adventure, adventure is that no one has gone bad or the environment places to go visit, but knowing there is danger of self-initiative to explore risk-taking behavior. As a qualified experienced explorer in addition to have a set of professional adventure outside equipment, the equipment will let you increase the safety factor in the expedition. Then the adventure, people should wear what watch? Adventure type of watch what is the use? Give you today recommended several watch designed for the explorer.

Omega Seamaster Omega-men mechanical watch

    In 1932, Omega introduced the world's first for the divers when the meter ─ ─ Marine watch, so that the brand has since become a professional diving watch representative. Today known Seamaster, was published in 1948, to further consolidate Omega's status as seafarers and minds of rugged divers watch choice.

     The historical heritage procure Omega hippocampus in 2005 introduced a new diving watch series ─ ─ Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series. This series is not only to the long tradition of diving watches Omega tribute, more advanced technology and contemporary style will melt in the designs, to create a completely innovative diving watch, launched later became a modern classic style. Which watch with coaxial escapement device self-winding movement, greater precision stability and durability. Free sprung balance wheel, double drum, bi-directional automatic winding, to reduce winding time. Decks and swing components of Arab-style Geneva wave decoration. Waterproof to a depth of 600 meters, the watch which there is a unique feature that helium is set so that when diving ashore will be more secure.

Series PAM00359 Panerai-LUMINOR MARINA mechanical watches men

  Panerai Luminor Submersible 1000 design a professional diving watch, in full compliance with the Swiss watch industry standard (NIHS) dive watch norms, can withstand pressure of 1,000 meters of seabed. The surface of the 5.1 mm thick sapphire crystal, case thickness up to 3 mm, with a dedicated helium decompression valve.

     Which watch for Panerai 2009 homemade P9000 Automatic movement, using Incabloc shock, vibration frequency of 28,800 watch to ensure accurate travel time, set date display at 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock set a separate small seconds display, side reading. Characteristics of Panerai watches, people will know it belongs to a Panerai. Panerai production Cal.P.9000 self-winding movement, 72-hour power reserve. 44 mm pure black dial with Panerai features crown, date display at 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock kitten plate design. Stainless steel case and black leather strap, 300 meters water resistant.

Rolex ROLEX-explorer type black men's mechanical watch series 16570-78790

    The accuracy of the watch, depending on the built-in balance wheel. General balance wheel hairspring with strong magnetic alloy, the magnetic field and the impact is difficult to resist. After five years of research, the use of paramagnetic alloy Rolex, created out of the blue Parachrom gossamer, not only unaffected by magnetic fields, but also enhance the seismic capacity tenfold. Historically, blue gossamer only configuration on the most accurate timepieces to show respect; Now, an innovative distributed equally gossamer blue light, make sure that your Rolex precision seamless, perfect further. Rolex Oyster depth to the table where people, very few; alone with specialized technology and equipment Rolex retailers, in order to achieve this way. In fact, you want to open this seal isolated case, you must use up to five Newton meters of torque. All Oyster case back cover, you can put the collision, pressure, dust and water violations shut the door, to ensure accurate operation of the movement, regardless of any environment, allowing you worthy to trust.

     Which is a new Rolex explorer watches, the pointer becomes more wide and legible Chromalight surface ensures the wearer can display in a dark environment, a clear reading. 24 hours pointer to return in 1971 classic orange and arrow design. 12 hours pointers do independent adjustment, and 24-hour hand and the outer ring when working together, can provide a second time zone display.

     In adventure watch is one of the indispensable equipment. Read the above paragraphs explorers must watch after you rescue polar explorers and should have better facilities and experience to deal with!